Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WANTED: Churches to start literacy missions focused on immigrants.

Lester Meriwether is a persistant man. That is a good thing since he is the Director of Literacy ConneXus, a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping churches help people with literacy needs. Several months ago, Lester and I began discussing ways to collaborate. It seemed that an ESL or citizenship class component could be one ministry option that ISAAC could provide churches. After several weeks of prayer and discussion, Literacy ConneXus and ISAAC are finalizing the details of an ambitious plan: We want to start 10 new literacy projects geared toward immigrants at 10 different churches in Texas by the end of the year.

So how do we get started? Rather than "package" a program, Literacy ConneXus and ISAAC would like to meet with your church leadership and assess the needs of the church and community first. With that tool, we can then tailor a ministry plan for your church. So if you believe your church is ready to be one of the first 10 in this new pilot project, please either email Lester@literacyconnexus.org or richard.munoz@bgct.org.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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