Monday, April 13, 2009

Judge blocks new Texas DPS immigrant DL Rules

A state judge blocked the Texas Department of Public Safety from continuing to enforce new rules that were designed to prevent undocumented immigrants from obtaining licenses but which were also preventing legal immigrants from getting them. You can read the article here. You can also read a more detailed look at the DPS rules in the December 2008 ISAAC Newsletter.

According to the article, "The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund sued on behalf of five people who have permission to work in the country and a landscaping business that employs seasonal workers through a federal program. MALDEF said its clients needed to drive as part of their jobs but couldn't get a license under the new policies because their visas are valid for only 10 months."

If the ruling stands, legal immigrants, who otherwise qualify and have a valid visa, will be able to obtain a drivers license.

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