Friday, August 28, 2009

Immigration from another perspective

The August 22, 2009 online edition of the Chicago Tribune describes a "coming-out party of sorts for Asian immigrant organizations in Chicago that have been gaining momentum in their efforts to mobilize a community of roughly 350,000 Asian and Pacific island immigrants in a region long unwilling to publicly air its problems."

Many in that community express concern for issues like temporary work visas for high-tech jobs and family reunification. The article also describes Mike K., 19, an undocumented Korean immigrant hoping for reforms to allow students in the country illegally to receive conditional permanent residency. Mike won a high-school contest sponsored by Google Corp., in which the search engine company sought new ideas for its home page. Unfortunately, his entry could not ultimately be submitted because of his illegal status.

While the immigration debate in the United States tends to center around of immigrants from Spanish- speaking countries, it is important to remember that the United States has immigrants from all over the world. Please continue to pray for our elected leaders and for one another as we seek to resolve the many issues that plague our immigration system.

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