Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Press 1 for English otherwise have your credit card ready...

Photo used under Creative Commons from bixentro

MSNBC has a story describing how English "only" (if you prefer "official") language initiatives are spreading across the country during these tough economic times. It also describes in the second page of the story how some of the national initiatves are tied to anti-immigration groups. In January 2009, the City of Nashville, Tenn. put the issue before the voters. The initiative lost 57% to 43% and was opposed by an interfaith coalition. According to the MSNBC newstory "[Eric] Crafton, the sponsor of the Nashville initiative, said he eventually wants the city to charge a fee of $1 a minute to people who call 911 and need an interpreter, his measure did include an exemption for emergency services, a common provision of nearly all federal and state laws and proposals." Given other issues, the failed proposal probably won't be revived by Crafton anytime soon.

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